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 Research   >>   The Effect of Joint Manipulation

The Effect of joint manipulation in increasing the joint play of a typical synovial joint 
Dr. Umasankar Mohanty, M.P.T. (Manual Therapy),
Dr. Pramod Giri, MPT
Dr. Ganesh .K., M.D 
Dr. Prasad Hegde, M.D., D.N.B. 

Background and Purpose of the study: Manual therapy techniques (manipulation and mobilizations) are widely used in the management of joint stiffness. Manipulations with coaptation are believed to free the locked joints. Clinically with manipulations there are some instantaneous results in increasing joint mobility. The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of manipulations with coaptations in increasing the joint play of the joint by analyzing the X-rays in pre and post-manipulative views.

Materials and methods: The study was conducted by the investigator in the A.J. Hospital and Research Center (A Unit of Laxmi Memorial Education Trust), Mangalore. 30 healthy subjects in the age group 20-35 years were selected in the study. The metacarpophalangeal joint of the index finger was taken for study for its suitability. The longitudinal traction was a constant determinant factor in the study. The cone techniques were used in radiography to prevent the scattering effect of the X-rays on films. The X-rays were taken at a distance of 69cms and the films were processed in the Autoprocessor Unit for clarity of the films. Kaltenborns Grade-III traction was applied till maximum distraction and a X-ray view was taken, following the joint was manipulated with a crackling sound and with the maximum distraction maintained X-ray was taken. From the X-ray the distance of separation was noted at mid of the joint from pre and post manipulative views.

Results: The results were analysed by Paired T-test using SPSS 7.5 version for the intrajoint space changes in pre and post manipulative films. There was significant change (increase) in joint space following manipulation.

Conclusion: The result of the study showed that The joint manipulation increases the joint play of a typical synovial joint

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